Now Open!!!!

Have you noticed a shiny new blog button to the right of you???

With all my heart I've been wanting to open a cupcakery or even a online based cupcake business but here in Washington state your not allowed to sell baked goods from your home, which means I would need to rent commercial kitchen space. So far not much luck. I've searched far and wide and unfortunately nothing has surfaced. So not completely giving up on having my own business, I took my other hobby of scrapbooking and combined the two and came up with Delectable Delights. You can find my store on etsy which is a place where you can buy and sell handmade items. My store consists of cupcake toppers and wraps. If your a Facebook user please look me up and check out my page. The plan is to keep that as up todate as I can. Here are a few things I've been working on so enjoy!!!

Delectable Cupcakes

Fancy Hearts

Glamorous Lady Bugs

Check out my shop for more treasures!!
Have a great weekend!!!

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