Lions and Monkeys and Elephants Oh My!

Over memorial day weekend I got the pleasure of putting together some fun jungle themed cupcakes for a little guy's first birthday. One requirement was there couldn't be any hard candy for choking reasons. So I switched out parts like the elephants tusks and the lion's nose with melting chocolate. The alligator's head is actually a peanut butter cookie that I trimmed down and cover with frosting. Out of the 4 the monkey was actually the hardest for me to figure out. I originally was going to use vanilla wafers for both the face and ears but after I assembled one the poor thing looked more like a dog than a monkey! So after playing with a couple different cookies, I decided the little peanut butter cookies worked the best. Overall this was a great experience and it's nice to do something different and maybe a little artsy too :)

It's a jungle out there!

*Keep your eye out for Delectable Feature Fridays! It's just a little something I'm putting together to showcase some stuff from my etsy shop Delectable Delights and other baking projects I've taken on.

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  1. Saw your post on a thread on the Etsy Rain team page. Love your recipes.....& the animal cupcakes posted here are more than cute!