#47 Egg Surprise Cupcakes

Hipity Hop are you ready for Easter?
I've had my lovely Easter cupcakes picked out for months. I bought a 2 pound bag of lemons to make some amazing lemon meringue cupcakes. BUT then I came across the most intriguing post over on one of my favorite blogs cupcake project. They had themselves some cupcakes baked in egg shells. YES egg shells. I stopped dead in my tracks and was amazed! Who would have thought? Right? So since this seemed a lot more interesting than carrot or lemon cupcakes I started my hunt for the number one item on my list-speckled eggs. I really didn't think they would be that hard to find since Martha uses them and all. WRONG!!!! I checked every freakin store and one egg farm in town and found nothing close to speckled eggs. The closest thing I came too was brown eggs with slight spots on top. I gave up and just bought some brown eggs at Freddy's. Now onto the second part of this baking extravaganza the batter. What should I use? I started off with some red velvet dyed purple... Yes the batter was purple but after it's baked it looked like plain chocolate cupcakes. This was not good enough so on to the second plan-marble cupcakes-which is vanilla and chocolate batters separated and then swished together to make a pretty pattern. Perfect! Other than over filling these suckers they turned out great. The only thing I would do differently is some how give them a filling. Maybe next time... Anyways grab some lovely eggs and you're favorite cupcake recipe and give these a try. They will be a huge hit!

Egg Surprise Cupcakes
This would be really fun with a vanilla cake mix separated and dyed different colors you would have a fun tye dye effect.

The Goods
12 eggs
Favorite Cupcake Recipe (I picked a marble which is vanilla and chocolate swirled together.)

The How To
Take the eggs one at a time and drill a hole into the bottom of the egg. The hole must be large enough to fit a  piping tip through. Dump the contents out.

After all the eggs have been emptied, rinse in warm water then transfer to a pot filled with water and bring the shells to a boil.

Fill the shells with water first this keeps them from floating around and crashing into each other.
Remove from pan and place shells on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake at 225 for 18-25mins. This will dry the shells out.

Once the shells have cooled take a cupcake tin and line the cups with foil. The foil will keep the shells from tipping over.

Once you have you're shells situated, turn up the oven to 350 degrees and prepare you're batter. Place the batter into a bag(s) fitted with a piping tip. If you don't have one just use a zip lock bag and snip the corner off.

Yummy vanilla and chocolate!
Pipe batter into shells. Aim for about 2/3rds full. If you have a two toned batter like mine make sure to alternate and swirl the batter around with a toothpick for a marble effect.

Once all the eggs have been filled bake for 18-20mins rotating half way through the baking time. Test out the centers with a toothpick and if it comes out clean then they are done.

They kinda look like a science project that went wrong!
If your eggs look anything like mine then they will have to be cleaned off. So after they have had a chance to cool, take a damp paper towel or wash cloth and carefully clean off the shells.

Tada!!! Cupcake eggs!!!!

Now go ahead and crack one open you'll be delightfully surprised :)

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