#45 You Are The Apple of My Eye Cupcakes

Now these are not your average cupcakes!!!! I had a chance to make these delightful cuppy's for a co-worker's back to school theme birthday. I  was also thinking these would be perfect for a snow white themed party too. So if you've got some time, patents and lots of extra doughnuts then bake up some of your favorite cupcakes and whip up some red frosting and and give them a shot.

You Are the Apple of My Eye Cupcakes
Get a a box of mini and regular sized doughnuts and just play around with them. The best tip I can give is to make sure the cupcakes are FIRM before covering up the doughnuts with frosting. If you don't they will start pulling away when you go to dip them in the sprinkles.

The Goods
12 cupcakes baked in red liners. I used my favorite chocolate cupcake recipe which I also used for the marshmallow turkey cupcakes.
4 cups of red frosting I used Martha Stewart's Vanilla Buttercream and added some red gel food coloring
12 cake doughnuts I used regular size and cut them down to fit on the top of the cupcake. You don't want the doughnut hanging over the side of the cupcake.
Red sprinkles
12 tootsie rolls
12 green sweetish fish

The How To
After the cupcakes have had a chance to completely cool grab your red frosting and put a layer across the top this will act like the "glue" for the doughnuts.

Now if you've got some mini doughnuts just cut off about 1/2in off the bottom and place them on top of the doughnut. If you have regular sized ones like me then you will have to cut them down so none of the doughnut is hanging off the top of the cupcake.

This is what your cupcake should NOT look like.

Arron is cutting them down...

 Now that you have the doughnuts situated place cupcakes in the freezer for at least 20mins. You will want the them firm to the touch. After they have had enough freezer time start frosting. You might have to add a little extra frosting wound the top to add some depth to the center. Work fast because they will be top heavy and the doughnut might start pulling away.

This was my first attempt with the over sized doughnut. Definitely too much hanging off the sides and doesn't look much like an apple.

They should have a nice dome appearance to them.
Make sure to smooth out the surface. Apples don't have lumpy spots!

Looking good!
After you have your cupcake frosted the way you want it add the red sprinkles. I spooned some on top then rolled the sides in a shallow bowl.


Once you have all the cupcakes covered cut down and shape the tootsie rolls into steams. After you get you're steams how you want them place them in the dimple on the top of the apple. Add the sweetish fish tail down.

Chopping down the tootsie rolls.

All steams and leaves added.

Now you've got a bushel of apples!!!

Since my batter made more than 12 cupcakes this gave me the perfect excused to get my favorite Easter candy and make some pre-Easter cupcakes!

Of course I had test out the normal size eggs too!

Super yummy but next time I will add the eggs half way through the bake time. Maybe this will prevent them from sinking to the bottom.

Added the "grass".

The perfect Easter Cupcakes!!!!
If your not feeling the marshmallows you can always check out my store for some Easter inspiration!!
Marshmallowless Bunny Cupcake Toppers

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  1. Those apple cupcakes are so cute and creative! And if you think I would pass up the chance to bake Cadbury eggs into cupcakes your nuts, I'm so trying those ones!


  2. Oh gosh these are the cutest cupcakes ever!! Thanks for joining in on Shop a Little Friday!

  3. LOVE the apple cupcakes! Im impressed! Those would be perfect for Teacher appreciation week at my daughters elementary school. I'll let you know if I get brave enough to try them out! Super cute!